About Suffolk Sewing School

I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. Fortunately, my lovely Mum had loads of patience with me through my early days and would encourage me to try to sew anything.

During my teenage years, I managed to find a Saturday job in a sewing machine shop – again as a result of my Mum constantly being in there! This is where I became passionate about sewing and everything to do with sewing. I learnt many useful techniques with sewing machines and overlockers and stayed working in this little shop in Leamington Spa for 5 years until I left school to follow a career in nursing.

Sadly my nursing career came to an abrupt halt after just 2 years of my training due to illness. It was at this time I returned to the retail environment, but this time working for an organisation of 4 sewing machine shops in the London area. Here I acquired a huge amount of knowledge and by this time I was making my entire wardrobe and most of my partners as well.

I left the retail world in 1988 after the birth of my first son and started to do some consultancy instead. Over the years I have provided a make up service for curtains and other soft furnishings but during the recent ‘credit crunch’ set up the Suffolk Sewing School to provide tuition to enable others to make their own items. So with 40 years of sewing experience to share with you and a passion for all things sewing I feel that I have finally found my niche!


Sunbed Creams

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